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I’m not done with OB yet!

February 19, 2010

FEb 19 2010
The morning is off to a bad start.
In the wee hours, I received a call about a patient of mine going into labor.  I commented to the nurse that a patient delivering on her due date was bound to happen sooner or later(it would have only been the third time in 31 years).  I tossed and turned till about 530, when I called to find out how the patient was doing, only to find out my partner was in the process of attending the delivery.
In a multisystem series of errors, it seems a nurse assumed I had stopped OB a few months ahead of my official stop date and called my partner.  Yes, there’s more to it than that but the explanations I get from Labor and Delivery have certain logical flaws.
I get apologies but no real indication that things are going to change.
I have had all the disadvantages of doing OB (the vigilance, the constant presence of the beeper, the sleeplesss night) and none of the advantages of doing the delivery (the joy and the continuity of care, the euphoria of being there when new hope and light come into the world).  Sort of having a hangover without getting drunk.
Even though I’ve only three months left in this position, I will be addressing the problems at multi levels today.