I’m a family practitioner in Sioux City, Iowa.  In 2010 I left my position as part owner and partner of a medical practice.  I had a 1 year non compete clause, and while I was gone, I went, as the Australians would say, “walkabout.”.  I came back and worked 3 years for the Community Health Clinic.  Now I’m back walkabout.

22 Responses to “About”

  1. Alecia Landegent Says:

    I thought about your response to my question “Why (read) the encyclepedia during free time?” Your response “Why not?” True. How much more could we expand our minds if we changed our “should” to “could” and our “Why’s” to Why not?” Empowerment to choose our futures is in our mind. Unlock self limitations and be curious about the world. From talking to you today, it can change to way you look through clear glass. The view doesn’t change, rather the mind is enlightened to more than what could be seen before.

  2. Ezra Shapiro Says:

    Shalom Doctor. Are you planning a trip out our way? Mazel Tov on your difficult decision. 🙂

  3. Ira Says:

    enjoyed your entries this eve.

  4. Doug Says:

    Sounds like you’re finding the secrets to happiness. I look forward to reading more.

    • walkaboutdoc Says:

      What I’ve found so far is that money doesn’t bring happiness, neither do good weather, nor beautiful scenery. Nor any material possession, no matter how pretty or valuable. Nor any meal, no matter how delicious. Revenge doesn’t bring happiness, it brings misery to two parties.

      Physical health by itself doesn’t bring happiness, but it helps. The same can be said for a clean conscience or doing a job well.

      Peace in a person’s household, though, does bring happiness. If it doesn’t then something is serioiusly wrong.

  5. Chris Bikakis Miller Says:

    I found you! Great to see you today and great to read your posts…. very insightful and thought provoking! THANKS

  6. Patricia Bermudez Says:

    Dear Dr Walkaboutdoc,

    I just read some of your posts, and enjoy them very much,
    and relate to, in a somewhat way…
    I am also a doctor, just at the other end of the rope, or the
    begininng, and in need of some sponsor, so I can do what
    I beleived God brought me in this world for…( HA!foolish )
    May be you can and will, may be not….
    Quede con Dios!

    • walkaboutdoc Says:


      If you think you’re close to burnout, you’re closer than you think.

      A doctor has a lot of options. Taking a hit in pay to cut back to 40 hours a week is a lot better idea than trying to stay at 80 and burning out. If you do cut back, you’ll find out that 20% of your income brought you 80% of your streass.

  7. Chip Says:

    I enjoyed perusing your blog and am curious if I might pick your brain via email. I’m a family medicine resident finishing up training this month and am considering a move to New Zealand. I’m in serious need of non-recruiter advice. Can you help?

  8. GMA215 Says:

    Safe journeys, Doc.

  9. patrick lloyd Says:

    I just have not been able to get anywhere past typing: pills and skills, in the little box. I find no arrow or way to advance. In reading what I could, the deer and the eagle seen while stuck in traffic. The knowledge that happiness has no price( most people never get). I wonder how you got a permit to hunt elk, I thought it took about 10 years to get? Honestly, Im not sure about you! YOUR DIFFERENT, at first I was sure you were insane, but after reading what little there is on this page, “don’t really get it all” It appears perhaps you are no more insane then myself. You make me laugh and that’s more help then Ive got out of any Dr. over the last 14 years of unbearable pain and suffering that just keeps getting worse. Humor has been my only salvation sense I was 2 years old, and I am going to guess that you are one person that may fully understand what I mean. You don’t know how Ive worked sense I was 7, you don’t know how often I was kept from school to work the farm, you don’t know how many times Ive been hurt working the farm, being farmed out, and on the types of jobs Ive had in life, So Im sorry for my mean attitude tord you because of my experience with Drs. being detrimental to my health mostly 100% of the time and knowing my pain and being so crippled is because of the incompetence, and perhaps corruption of Drs. to begin with.( Brookings SD Hospital). Now that Im more then 12 years past being told by the, (Orthopedic Institute in Sioux Falls SD), that the damage to my back is beyond doing anything about, Im already worn out, and I will just have to suffer the rest of my life, that Im going to end up in a wheel chair, and now that it is far worse then it was at that time. Im just sick to death of the game and feel like a lab experiment for drug testing. I resent the 3 to 6 hours it takes me to get up, get moving, get dressed, and try to take care of myself every morning. I resent Drs. appointments that do me no good, just to get the prescriptions for the pain and swelling in my back , that work just well enough,(less all the time), so I can go through the 3 to 6 hours every morning- so I can suffer the rest of the day and another night. I resent the suffering I go through to get to the Drs. appointments just so I can suffer a little less, or keep on suffering? Not sure which! I cant live without the dam pills, and can barely live with them. Ive always worked jobs and hours a mule could not survive, (those who work such jobs know this is true), I raised 4 kids as a single parent this way, and now that they are all on their own, I resent not being able to work, I always made good money and the last 3 jobs I attempted all left me more crippled as well as bed ridden for weeks and I can no longer come back from the damages. Ive only tried to put this into words because from what you have told me about your life, I feel there is a slight chance you may get it, and you already know that if you don’t, I wont be shocked, I just wont give a dam! I know this is a lot, but you have inspired me to believe you deserve an apology and an explanation for the way I am and the way I feel. This don’t mean I all of a sudden have any trust, or that I can quit being mean like a 12 year old dog with severe arthritis. It only means that you have got me to realize that you are human and that none of my problems are your fault, “YET”. So deduce whatever you want, and realize Ive given you enough respect to be blunt! See there, I can rime too-HA HA HA

  10. Claire Says:

    Hello Doctor, Im a mother of an eczema sufferer, been in this very toxic life since she was just 6months old and now she’s 3….Just been wondering sooo much on where should we settle down? To a place that there’s 70% humidity…I dont care as long as my daughter will be out of misery and so with us tooo…Desperately needing your help…thanks and appreciate it sooo much…

  11. Dylan Says:

    Hey walkaboutdoc, I love your blog.

    In regards to using tagament for treating EBV, what were your results?

    I just came down with EBV, and I’m trying to avoid getting CFS since I already have adrenal dysfuntion, so I want to knock it out quick with tagament. Or, whatever works.

    • walkaboutdoc Says:

      The original research was not good research. My clinical experience showed 25% are dramatically better in less than 24 hours, 50% are improved but not dramatically so in less than a week, and 25% do not respond. Most people needed more than one 7-day course, but all those who needed more than 6 weeks turned out to have something else going on (one had depression from high dose Tagamet). I generally prescribe 800 mg four times daily, which is a very high dose and should not be continued more than six weeks.
      For the 25% who fail a week of Tagamet I prescribe Valtrex 1000 mg three times daily for one week only.
      I must admit my skepticism about adrenal dysfunction unless you have either documented Addison’s or Cushing’s. Which is to say that attributing fatigue to adrenal dysfunction without having an abnormal 24 hour urinary cortisol generally misses another diagnosis.

  12. rich haddad Says:

    I enjoyed reading through a few of your entries. Are you still practicing locums? I with Barton Associates and recruit with lots of providers across the country. I’d love the chance to talk about your interests and past experiences. Allow me to introduce myself as a resource moving forward. Feel free to give me a call, 978-513-7414. Thank you!

    • walkaboutdoc Says:

      Still working locums. I’m glad a recruiter actually read my blog. Barton associates, I know, has my email address. Please keep our correspondence electronic. If a response is important, please put PLEASE RESPOND in the subject line.

  13. Sarah Says:

    Hello Walkaboutdoc,

    I’m a final year medical student in Australia with an interest in having an extremely challenging and/or remote elective toward the end of 2017. You seem to have gone to some places I’ve identified as potential sites for myself, including Barrow. I’m wondering if I could please email you directly for some feedback on your time there??

    Warm regards

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