Drama and irony, looking for work, and apply for another license.

A position, too good to be true

At last, just today, it fell through

The problem, I fear,

Is I want to stay near

And enjoy the Iowa view.

Synopsis: I’m a Family Practitioner from Sioux City, Iowa. In 2010 I danced back from the brink of burnout, and honoring a 1 year non-compete clause, travelled and worked in out-of-the-way places in Alaska, Nebraska, Iowa, and New Zealand. After three years working with a Community Health Center, I am back having adventures in temporary positions until they have an Electronic Medical Record System (EMR) I can get along with. Right now I’m in Nome, Alaska.

I return to Nome at the end of the week.  I have plans through to the middle of April but nothing firmed up after that.  Today I worked on finalizing my application for my Pennsylvania license.

My penchant for complete honesty has worked against me, again.  They asked about any criminal offense in the past, and of course I included my three traffic tickets, my 9 parking tickets, my wildlife ticket from Wyoming, and my illegal pedestrian conviction from Geary County, Kansas, in 1970.  So I had to call the Iowa State Police Department of Criminal Investigation and request a letter.

I also phoned my med school, my most recent Chief Medical Officer, the County Courthouse, and the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services Licensing Division.

Every time someone asked, “How are you?”  I told them, “Annoyingly cheerful,” and smiled my way through the conversation.  The interchanges went well, I got everything I needed.

But I hold no hopes that a Pennsylvania license will come earlier than June, and arranging work will take another 6 weeks after that.

I tell recruiters my considerations; I won’t work with the EMR which drove me from my last position.  I also make very clear the limits I put on prescribing tranquilizers, nerve pills, and stimulants.  I still get a lot of offers.

In the meantime I hope to start work as a hospitalist here in Sioux City a week a month in May.

A position in Alaska that promised three days’ work per month, with transportation, turned out to be too good to be true.

I had my eye on a job about two hours from here as a hospitalist; they wanted someone to take their weekend call once per month, and to work their hospital patients 1-2 days per week , for a total of about 8 days per month.  Though a 2 hour drive, it promised a reasonable pace and an upscale patient population.   But, in a recent change of job description, they wanted me to work Outpatient as well, and to use the EMR I found incompatible.  Today I received this forward:

I did speak with the CEO about this candidate. He will not consider a candidate that does not want to work on C******** (the EMR I won’t work with). His ideal candidate is a provider that can do Outpatient and Inpatient. They had a FP that died in his sleep three weeks ago. They have a huge need.

The drama and irony left me breathless.  I’ve offered to work with them if they’ll get me a scribe.



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One Response to “Drama and irony, looking for work, and apply for another license.”

  1. trapped4daze Says:

    I will always miss and love my Dr. Gordon!!!!!

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