Timing and Placement.

The come up the creek by the ton

They die right after they’re done

Is there anything sadder

Than to backslide a fish ladder?

We were here to watch salmon run.


Synopsis:  I’m a family practitioner from Sioux City, Iowa.  I danced back from the brink of burnout in 2010, and, honoring a one-year non-compete clause, went to have adventures and work in out-of-the-way locations.  After jobs in Alaska, New Zealand, Iowa, and Nebraska, I returned home and took up a part-time, 54 hour a week position with a Community Health Center.  I’m taking a working vacation now in Petersburg, Alaska.

I arrived early at work this morning and found, to my surprise, no names on my schedule but the two words DAY OFF instead.

It came as a complete surprise, and we had planned nothing.

We went the 17 miles out-of-town to the fish hatchery.

Natural Pacific salmon eggs hatch in clear lake water, and the fry stay in the lake for 2 years.  By then, 3 to 4 inches long, they qualify as smolts, and swim downstream to the sea where they will stay for a few years.  The longer they spend in salt water, the bigger they grow. If too small at the end of their marine sojourn they can’t fight to establish mating dominance; if too large they might not find adequate stream flow.  Their desperate play with game theory pans out for the species at the expense of the individuals; they die after they spawn.

(Atlantic salmon live to spawn another year, up to six times).

Crystal Lake never hosted wild salmon because the water, with almost no mineral content, is too pure, still rates as a great home to a hatchery.  We looked at the fry, an inch or two long, in great rectangular concrete ponds fifty yards long, and strolled over to smaller manmade ponds next to the building marked ADULT SPAWNING and found fish three feet long.

We followed the water flow for the adult salmon holding pens; down a chute 20 feet long and 18 inches wide that communicated with a creek, which, in turn, flowed into a brackish slough a hundred yards away.

Salmon ranging in size from 9 inches to three feet cruised back and forth in water no more than a foot deep.  Few found the ladder; dead salmon carcasses littered the water.

Two lunkers arrived at the uphill terminus while we watched.

But we also saw a lot of smolt-sized fish swimming with the adults.

One of the employees informed us that tomorrow the adults would be manipulated; the resulting eggs, fertilized with the resulting milt, would be the basis for the one and a half million eggs to be hatched the next year.

Closer to town, where the weekend rain swelled Falls Creek, the salmon’s frantic struggle at the fish ladder played out while we
watched.  Sometimes the fish jumped to the next step, more often they missed. A few raced up aggressively, some rested in the 4×6 foot pools.  An occasional one backslid.  I could not understand the large number of immature salmon, less than 6 inches long, making the perilous journey.

On our way back to town, Bethany and I sat at the end of a line of a dozen cars on Mitkof Highway, which runs south along the west edge of Mitkof Island from Petersburg.  On our way back to town the traffic backed up behind an enormous crane crawling its way north.  With a double solid yellow line, none of the drivers showed an interest in passing.

As a measure of the pace of life, a speed limit for most of the paved roads rests firmly at 20 miles per hour, and nowhere goes over 50.  Close proximity of everything insures that “late” rarely means more than 10 minutes.

A naïve, immature Sitka blacktail buck crossed cluelessly in front of us with no awareness that the vehicles moved.  We watched him go past, and a few minutes later looked up to see an eagle fly overhead and land in a pine to our right.  His skittering call came to our ears.

If we hadn’t been stuck in traffic, we wouldn’t have been there for the deer and the eagle.

At the end of the day we walked out again on Sandy Beach at the ebb of a very low tide, and found the barnacle encrusted remains of an ancient fish trap.

For eagle viewing, finding a fish trap, having a deer cross in front of us, salmon reproduction and the viewing thereof, I can think of nothing more important than being in the right place at the right time.


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3 Responses to “Timing and Placement.”

  1. Jason Says:

    Discovered your blog researching Barrow, Alaska. Currently in Anchorage on assignment as a travel RN, and putting together plans to visit Barrow this winter. If you have the time and are willing, I’d love to ask questions and hear suggestions. Thanks.

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