Hagen Dasz comes this far north.

The hunters go out after seal,

The harvest makes quite a meal

    My face doesn’t frown,

    For I have slowed down,

I got ice cream for the end of the meal.

People don’t move to the North Slope of Alaska to get lost in the crowd or to thrive on the non-stop action.  There are a lot of business opportunities but people do well finding the balance between work and other things.

I talked to a person who had a high salaried job using a professional degree but found 80 hour weeks irksome.  Now on hourly, this person is getting paid overtime after 40 hours and earning more money for less responsibility.  I talked about what a great time I’m having, slowing down and making less money.

But for all that I added up my hours and most weeks I’ve been working more than 60 hours.  Still it feels a lot freer than it did in Sioux City.

I’ve started corresponding with companies who place American docs in New Zealand and Ireland, and the opportunities sound fabulous.

The hunters here are out after seal, and at the same time gearing up for the caribou, who come to the coast for the breeze that helps protect from mosquitoes and biting flies.   Walrus should be coming north soon.  Of course I see the injuries having to do with the unique and not so unique activities of Barrow.

I have permission to give out the following information.  A patient started noticing an itch on the right side of the back and chest about two weeks ago, and a rash broke out a week ago.  Any rash that follows the skin segment innervated by one nerve (a dermatome) is shingles unless you prove it isn’t something else.  I got to talk about my shingles and how the first symptoms started three weeks to the day after I’d made my career change decision.  Promising I wasn’t a psychic, we were able to pinpoint a significant twenty one days prior to the onset of itch.

I directed two of my patients to my blog today, to the post entitled Rage, Hunger, Lust, and Sleep.  It has most of my recommendations about using sleep therapeutically.  I was flattered when I found that post pasted wholesale in other blogs.

Clinic went late tonight.  The last patient, a person with whom I would love to sit and chat for hours, said, “We might be masters of the Arctic, but the ice and the temperature still rule.”

After clinic I went for a walk.  The air temp has dropped again and the sea ice extends a good seventy meters from shore.  I found the library closed today.  I went to the Arctic Coast Trading Post down the street and was surprised and delighted to find Hagen Dasz ice cream in more flavors than we get in Sioux City.  I hesitated not because of the princely price tag (roughly ten dollars a container) but for fear of melting before I got it back to the freezer.

I walked fast enough and the weather was cool enough that the bright sun didn’t melt ice cream.


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