Life is full of tradeoffs: travelling light is expensive

I’m working too hard to get packed

My complacence is coming up cracked.

     It’s a bit of a fight

     But I can’t travel light

To Barrow for months, that’s a fact.

When I started moonlighting in 1980 I learned to pack fast and travel light.  When I would get off of work on Friday afternoon, I’d go home, pack for a three-day trip, and jump in the car.  I never exceeded the speed limits like most Wyoming drivers, but I knew I wouldn’t start getting paid till I arrived. 

In residency at the time,  I learned more and earned more moonlighting than I did during the program proper.  Fifteen dollars an hour, compared to what I’d earned in the past, seemed a very large amount of money.  I came to view material goods in terms of what a weekend of work could buy.

I had to hurry to both ways.  After a few trips, I learned how to pack efficiently.

I can ready myself for most vacations in less than a half hour without trying. 

A hunting trip takes a lot more time because one must bring a wide variety of clothing.

Today, I spent most of the afternoon and evening packing. 

I have never packed for a two month trip before.  It may turn into a three-month trip with possible hunting at the end. 

In medical school when I did externships I didn’t pack for one month trips so much as I moved, and every time I moved, I moved fewer things.

Now part of the establishment, my clothes reflect my position.  I have proper business attire for 8 days.  An Alaska destanation demands cold weather gear.  Because I’m going to Barrow I can’t rely on availability of consumer goods when I arrive.

Travel in the information age demands a computer, a camera, a Palm, and iPod and all the cords and impedimenta that go along with them.

Previously proud of traveling light, I look at my luggage pile with embarrassment.

One cannot go to discover new adventures without leaving home; one must weigh mobility against cost.

Life is full of tradeoffs.


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