Most weeks don’t have three sundays

Let me tell you about the week’s game

No two days are the same

Monday brings stress,

And Friday’s a mess,

With the worried, the well and the maimed

For a long time, my weeks fell into a rhythm. Monday mornings brought stacks of paper work, with lab and x-ray results, in addition to reviewing documents about what had happened in the ER and hospital over the weekend. Monday afternoons predictably brought chaos; people who had been sick on Saturday and Sunday wanted to see their doctor, and really didn’t want to wait till Thursday. After work Bethany and I would spend half an hour at a nursing home, and after that I went to the gym.

Tues was calmer. The drug rep brought breakfast rather than lunch. The noon hour became the noon hour and a half so that the docs could meet, making the afternoon thirty minutes half an hour shorter. The flood of paperwork from Monday had slowed to a trickle. I exercised on my way home.

Wednesday I took call, and the pace quickened. In our group the doc on call takes care of the phone messages for the docs who have the afternoon off or who go on vacation. For years there I had hospital work to do on the way home and phone calls through the night, and I missed my gym session. Vigilance murdered my sleep.

For the last year and a half I took Thursday off. I started early with a radio show about 6:45. Once a month I would have a Credentials Committee meeting at the hospital at 7:00 and once a month I would have Quality Assurance meeting at the nearby nursing home. During hunting season I would take to the field for the afternoon. Outside of hunting season my agenda included cycling, target archery, a trip to the bank, and a stop at the Mexican grocery store.  After I came home I’d log onto the office computer and take care of messages, lab, x-ray and scanned documents.

After a reasonable Friday morning, Friday afternoon brought more chaos: people getting sick and didn’t want to face the weekend with an illness, and really needed treatment. The afternoon usually went long and when I arrived home I had documentation to complete. (For a very long time I brought home a microcassette recorder and a milk crate full of charts. When we made our records electronic, homework got much easier.

I did my best to take Saturday off completely and not do anything productive; unless I had call I didn’t turn my computer on at all. I usually awakened Saturday morning late (frequently after 7:00) and well rested. Which didn’t keep me from napping on Saturday afternoon.

Sunday, in season, I went hunting early before teaching Sunday School, and again afterwards. For most months, though, I exercised early, and Bethany and I would go to the movies in the afternoon. No two days in a row the same, I never had a boring day but Mondays and Fridays carried more stress. Today, Tuesday, my second real day of unemployment, has me feeling deliciously like I’m on my third Sunday in a row.  Bethany’s birthday, we gardened for 4 hours in the morning, planting tomatoes, chiles, and cucumbers. We did a matinée movie, a very nice dinner out, and another movie in the evening (we now both qualify as Seniors).

What a fabulous day. Bethany calls it pure decadence.


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