Less money, more adventure

We went for a drive in the spring

Awaiting a telephone ring

     Ignoring the coffers

     I’ll choose the offer

The greater adventure will bring.

Bethany and I were driving through Central Nebraska on a cool, windy spring morning when the call came through from a locum tenens recruiter.  Had I come to a decision about the two opportunities he’d emailed me?

I had looked at both of them.  Facility A, though rural, has better equipment and referral proximity, with MRI and CT and a regular inpatient service.  The small town has a few cultural amenities, nice scenery and rainy weather.

Facility B qualifies not so much as rural as remote.  The docs have less to work with.  The service area includes a very small town with three restaurants, one movie theater, and four outlying villages.  When I looked up the town on Wikipedia the weather sounded downright dismal.  They would pay 25% less than option A.

But I didn’t firm up a commitment with the recruiter.  I had been hoping to book my own gig with a government installation where I have an emotional attachment.  It would have afforded me the chance to brush up the hardest language I’d acquired (I didn’t speak it well, but I was able to understand what was said to me and to make myself understood.  I just had to ignore 31,998 tenses.)  But I hadn’t heard back from my contact.

Two hours later, when the potential government job hadn’t returned my call and we were 150 miles closer to Denver, I called the recruiter back and told him to book me into option B.

It will be more of an adventure.

Retracing your steps offers an emotional symmetry, seeing the places you’ve been and seeing how they’ve changed.  I had intended the palindromic reiteration.

But tradeoffs are everywhere.  You cannot go new places if you never leave the old ones.

I’m going walkabout.


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