Pharoah’s law: nothing happens on schedule or to budget.

The bills are coming in stacks

And always make a new tax.

            What will it bring?

            I can’t read the thing.

But history gives us some facts.

People have asked me what I think about the new health care bill.  I haven’t read it, and neither has anybody in government who voted for it.  Few human beings could read it in less than a summer, and fewer can understand it. 

So, my opinion is that I don’t understand it. 

Here are some things I know for sure:

The government has never overestimated the cost of anything.  The Democrats say it will cost something, and the Republicans say it will cost something else.  The ones who want it to pass low ball their estimate, the opponents high ball it.  The worst high ball underestimates the final cost.  Any time you deal with a contractor you will get bait-and-switch and mission creep. In this case the monopoly wants to monopolize health care.  I hope this isn’t your first rodeo. 

There will always be unintended consequences.  A basic first principle; nothing ever goes completely according to plan.  The more complicated the scheme, the more pieces  end up where they shouldn’t.  Think of your own experiences, now think of your experiences with the government.

When the unintended consequences happen, fingers will point in Washington.  The more finger-pointing, the less energy expended to solve the problem, and the problem gets bigger.  Then, of course, we need more laws.

When Washington does anything, the bureaucracy swells.  It never shrinks.  Agencies long since rendered useless persist.  Inefficient machinery has the advantage of flexibility.  Look at DC now.  While fighting a couple of wars we didn’t notice that we added anybody to the payroll.  Find an example to prove me wrong and let me know.

When Washington does anything, taxes go up.  The people who estimate that the deficit will go down are either lying or stupid.  When has our government done anything that lowered its costs?

 When Washington does anything, paperwork gets worse.  About twenty years ago there was a Paperwork Reduction Act, and from time to time you’ll see verbiage on a form that gives you a fictional estimate of how long it will take to fill it out.  No one has filled those things out in the time allotted.  The act just made things worse.  Look at HIPAA, you know, the form you fill out every time you see a doctor.

When Washington pours money on a problem, they usually miss.  When the government appropriates funds for a project, most of the time some of it gets siphoned off to places it shouldn’t go.  Lots of times most of the moneys don’t go where they’re supposed to.  Look at Acorn.

When paperwork gets worse, retirement looks better.  Most people actually enjoy their work but they dislike their jobs because of the side issues, which for most people means paperwork.  Medicine is no different.  The more educated the profession, the worse the paperwork gets.  A lot of people who get out of bed in the morning and look forward to helping people.  Few look forward to filling out forms.  There has to be at least one.

 If doctors are spend time on paperwork they can’t spend time on patients.  A day has only 24 hours. 

If you want truth, don’t take a partisan stance.  Demonizing the opposition doesn’t get you anything but votes.

The vast majority of doctors oppose the plan presented to the public through the media. 

What, you want us to read it?  We wouldn’t be able to see patients for months!


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